2003-Yellow-Aged 10

Looking back and organizing my artworks helped me identify trends and style developments I hadn’t noticed before. So for some reason 2003 was the “Yellow Year” because that color was quite prominent. Also this particular year the canvases were rather slender.

So to introduce this era, here is Yellow by Coldplay:

I do not own this video and it is only here for entertainment purposes.

Abstract, 2003…basically me playing around

The Crystal Stair, 2003

I had an English textbook once called “The Crystal Stair/Staircase” (cannot remember well) and that inspired me to do this.

Madonna and child,2003


“Garden” was inspired from an art book I have. Can’t remember which.


Once again another inspiration from my art books. It was all part of the learning process. As I went on I discarded the use of them.


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