2008-The Year of Miscellanea-Aged 15

The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, 2008 (Based on the statue by Bernini)

This painting appeared in the Bates College art magazine, SEED of which I am a co-editor.

Forest, 2008 (Based on an image I saw once on the internet)

Rain, 2008

Based on a knife painting. Cannot remember that artist’s name. But this was made for my mother’s birthday.

The Lady with Hat, 2008 (Based on work by Picasso)

This was my father’s birthday gift. This also appeared in SEED Magazine.

Madonna and Child, 2008

Experimenting with Byzantine iconography.

Scream, 2008

I took a picture of myself with this expression and then painted it.

In the Woods, 2008

This is actually a snapshot from a scene in River Phoenix’s last film. It was not meant to look like him but my focus was the landscape


The Hands, 2008

Potrait of the Artist’s Mother, 2008


Isus, 2008 (Oil on wood)

So this marks the end of the year I did a little bit of everything.






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