2011-The Year of the Nebulae-aged 18

I decided to paint nebulae because that is something I had never seen painted before. So I decided to do it myself. I already started the trend in 2009 with “Madonna of the Heavens”.

Apples, 2011

Ok in this specific case this is an Aurora Borealis not a nebula…but still keeping up with the sky lights trend.

The Spider Nebula,2011



Golden Recliner, 2011

I played around with different types of cracking paints and learnt a lot from this. Rule number 1: There is a big difference between oil based and water based paint. I thought I knew until accidentally on purpose I mixed them together  and things didn’t go quite as planned.


Right 3/4, 2011

Back, 2011

Left 3/4, 2011

Front, 2011

The above 4 paintings are meant to hang from the ceiling in this order. The idea was to create a 3D “effect” using 2D images by painting all angles at 360 degrees.


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