2012-Nude#3-Aged 19

I painted this a long time ago but I waited to put it up while at school.

Nude#3, 2012

Foreground made with a brush, background made with knives and sponges.


  • I wish to one day draw a nude from real life.
  • I sold my first painting for $400 when I was about six.
  • I like vanilla and pistachio ice-cream.

For more nudes:  https://lastoftheromanticists.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/2010-bring-in-the-men-aged-17/

2012-Shetland Landscape-Aged 19

This painting is inspired from a picture in a Shetland Islands brochure.

Done with painting knives.

Shetland Landscape, 2012


  • I’ve realized that the paintings I like least tend to be the favorites of others.
  • I watch movies and listen to songs while I paint.
  • I don’t like tomatoes.