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I decided to compress all my previous posts from the Bates Student into one. The point of this blog is for art. My journalistic interests are secondary and they were taking up the front page. I have been writing for the Bates Student for over a year now and finally we went online recently. If you want to see how I write go to the links below:

Last update for the 2012-2013 year

Mark Twain, 2005

Mark Twain, 2005

I put Mark Twain here to illustrate the literary nature of this post.

2013-Amerique du Sud-Aged 19

This is the last thing I will paint before hopping off to school tomorrow. This woman personifies South America and she is the first painting of 2013 and the fourth in the continent series.

Unlike the others, this woman was created with more cultural inspiration. I looked at images from Machu Picchu to get ideas for the rock and ground. The background is based on the snowy mountains in Bolivia.

I placed the woman in a seated position to emulate the Incan sitting mummies. If I am historically correct, the Inca sacrificed a child to the gods by taking this child up to a mountain top. Once there, the children were killed or were allowed to die of exposure to the elements. In many cases the child was then placed in a sitting position, wrapped and naturally mummified. Today many such mummies have been found in the hilltops of Peru.

I also studied images of native South American women to capture the high, prominent cheekbones and braided hairstyles.

Amerique du Sud, 2013

Amerique du Sud, 2013

I have already painted women from:

The Middle East :

Far East Asia :

and North America :

Over the summer I will finally get to put together Africa and Europe.