2014 – Loire Valley Vineyard

In the fall of 2013, I visited the castles of the Loire Valley. As part of the tour, my study abroad group had the privilege of visiting a vineyard and then going for a wine tasting in a subterranean barrel storage area.

2014 - Loire Valley Vineyard

2014 – Loire Valley Vineyard

Below is an image of the wine storage cave.

Loire Valley

Loire Valley

Here I am at one of the Loire Valley Chateaux.


2014 – The Mediterranean

I saw the Mediterranean Sea for the first time on my trip to Marseille in the south of France. I found the sea very different from the greyish/greenish one I am used to seeing in my native Ghana. This sea is a solid, deep blue.

In this painting I depict buildings on the island of Santorini in Greece. The closest I have ever been to Greece is the Parc Asterix reconstruction of the place. It was there that I first noticed how the Greeks combined pure white with a touch of their Mediterranean blue to their architecture. Hopefully one day I will finally visit Greece.

This painting is done with painting knives to give it a smooth surface.

2014 - The Mediterranean

2014 – The Mediterranean

Below is a picture I took of the sea at Marseille.

The Mediterranean sea at Marseille

The Mediterranean sea at Marseille

Below is an image of classic Greek buildings at Parc Asterix.

Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix