The Nereid

In Greek mythology, the Nereids are sea nymphs (female spirits of sea waters), the 50 daughters of Nereus. The most notable of them is Thetis, wife of Peleus and mother of Achilles.

They symbolized everything that is beautiful and kind about sea. Their melodious voices sang as they danced around their father. (Wikipedia)

Nerissa is a name created by Shakespeare for a character in his play ‘The Merchant of Venice’ (1596). He possibly took it from Greek Νηρεις (Nereis) meaning “nymph, sea sprite”, ultimately derived from the name of the Greek sea god NEREU. (Behind the

Other mythical sea creatures include the Celtic selkies, French melusines*, ondines, and little mermaids.

*I studied Melusine by Jean d’Arras at the Sorbonne in Paris (shout-out to Sara Kleinman for suffering through that lecture with me)

DSC09500 (2)

Kathleen Morrill said:
Katie Davis Says:
First, I love how you always give a little background story behind your paintings! It’s always really interesting and I always learn something new! I love all the shades of blue and how her clothing looks as it flows around her underwater! This is just so graceful and magical looking and it’s really captivating to look at! I love the little bubbles going up to the surface and how, since the water is black, she really stands out! So very beautiful!

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