1999-The Second Exhibition- Aged 6

Aged still five (just before my sixth birthday), I had my 2nd exhibition. My oil paintings were displayed but a majority of my work was still on paper.

My first appearance in a newspaper with my artworks.

Basically the part describing me says that I am the youngest in this group. I love to play but I am still quite serious with my work and that at this point I am exploring color; my works are more color than form. I say this changed eventually.

A diploma given to me in honor of my exhibition.

Picture of me on my special day!

1999 – The year of the Canvas-Aged 5

My art teacher encouraged me to start painting oil on canvas when I was five going on six. My mother was hesitant at first because of the intense smell of the solvent used to dilute the paints but it worked out. This has been my medium of painting ever since. I graduated from watercolors to acrylics on paper to oil on canvas. So in my head oil will always be boss; the mark of the professional and the highest level of art creation.

Madonna and Child, 1999, aged 5, inspired by Romanian Orthodox icons

Landscape, 1999, painted at 5 or 6 (depending on the month), inspired by Romanian landscapes

Vase of Flowers, 1999

Self-portrait, 1999