A Greek Theme

In the past months I have read a lot of Greek mythology, Alexander the Great biographies by Phillip Freeman and Robin Lane Fox and the Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. So I fueled up on Greek yogurt and feta cheese to produce these Hellenic themed acrylics on canvas. Special thanks to fellow artist Kathleen for your feedback!


The Death of Achilles, 2016 based on the sculpture Dying Achilles by Ernst Herter


Olive Oil, 2016


Figs, 2016


Human, 2016, watercolor (based on a sculpture by unknown artist at darkdecadence.tumblr)


 Angel Uriel , 2016 (based on dresses from Dolce & Gabbanna Fall 2014; this type of art is also present in Orthodox Christian Churches in the Balkans and Eastern Europe)

2015 in Retrospect

In 2015 I graduated Bates College and traveled to Budapest, Prague and Vienna. I came back from Europe with some new cool ideas to paint!



I was inspired by hand-painted plates at the Royal Apartments in Vienna, Austria.


This is a pattern work I did based on a microscopic image of a stone.


This is not the best quality image but it is a copy of a picture I took at the Aquincum Floralia Festival in Budapest of a floral statue.



The Terracotta General – 2013

In honor of my parent’s visit to Shanghai and Beijing this spring, I painted my mother’s favorite part of the trip; the terracotta army. The background was doused with tea and coffee.

The Terracotta General, 2013

The Terracotta General, 2013

La Belle Epoque – Aged 20 – 2013

After a long, long time, I am finally posting this painting I did a while back before leaving home. This is honor of my year abroad in Paris. It depicts the Belle Epoque of Paris; a time of corsets, artists and rising industrialism.

La Belle Epoque, 2013

La Belle Epoque, 2013

The Ruins of Gaziantep – 2013 (aged 20)

In celebration of my blog’s one year anniversary, I decided to post this painting of the interior of the Gaziantep Mosaics Museum in the southeast of Turkey. This is based on a picture I took while I was there. I replaced the ceiling with the night sky. The museum collection consists of mosaics, pillars and walls excavated in ancient Zeugma (an old city within the Gaziantep Province). All the artifacts are Roman in design and nature.

The Ruins of Gaziantep, 2013

The Ruins of Gaziantep, 2013

Gaziantep is situated between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in classic Mesopotamia.

Les Dames de l’Hamam – 2013 (Aged 20)

While in Istanbul, I went to the Cemberlitas Hamam (Turkish bath) near the Grand Bazaar. I absolutely loved the experience and I decided to paint it.  I maintain the title in French.

Les Dames de l'Hamam, 2013

Les Dames de l’Hamam, 2013