Storge (στοργή storgē) means “love, affection” and “especially of parents and children” – Wikipedia.

Leto was the mother of the twins Apollo (Sun god) and Artemis (Moon goddess). When Niobe boasted that she had more children than Leto (14 altogether), Apollo killed Niobe’s sons and Artemis her daughters.

After watching the choreography themes for Yuri!!! on ice, I thought it would be interesting to use the Greek love theme to make another series after the more pessimistic Seven Deadly Sins.

This painting is based on a Vogue image of Natalia Vodianova (who ended up looking like Doutzen Kroes) and the Amalfi coast in Italy.

Dedicated to my devoted mother and father.

“EVE: My only child! – Ah, I fed you but with
The blood of my heart.” – The Tragedy of Man


Theme Color: Yellow

Curiosity nearly killed the cat



The Tragedy of Cassandra

In Greek mythology, Apollo descended from the heavens onto earth in order to seduce the beautiful Cassandra. As a gift, he gave her the gift of prophecy. But when she rejected him, he told her she could still keep her gift with the consequence that no one would believe her.

Unfortunately, Cassandra was the daughter of Priam, King of Troy. After ten years of fighting  in the Trojan War, the Greeks apparently got up one day and left, leaving behind a massive wooden horse at the gates of the heavily fortified and impenetrable Troy.

Cassandra cried, pleaded and begged her father and everyone around her not to let the horse into the city, or else Troy will fall that night. But everyone took her for a hysterical exaggerator and they welcomed the Trojan Horse into the city.

Troy burned that night.

And we never learned our lesson.


2012-Nude#3-Aged 19

I painted this a long time ago but I waited to put it up while at school.

Nude#3, 2012

Foreground made with a brush, background made with knives and sponges.


  • I wish to one day draw a nude from real life.
  • I sold my first painting for $400 when I was about six.
  • I like vanilla and pistachio ice-cream.

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