Fill the sky with stars – 2014

The second thing I painted this year. One of the most moving places I have been to in Paris was the Grand Mosque of Paris. It is designed in the style of Spanish Moorish mosques. For the time I was there I was completely transported to North Africa. Beautiful place.

My first painting on a circular medium.

Fill the sky with stars - 2014

Fill the sky with stars – 2014

The Ottoman Stallion – Aged 19

For Father’s Day, I painted this silhouette of a charging horse. It is inspired from an already existing calligraphy called Darwish’s Horse on the blog by a superb calligraphic artist Everitte.

The writing on the horse is the complete poem Take my Horse and Slaughter it by Mahmoud Darwish.

Please bear with me that since I speak no Arabic, the writing descended into gibberish.


The Ottoman Stallion, 2013