The Lust of La Païva – Deadly Sin #3

Deadly Sinner #3: All the French courtesans of the 19th century

My favorite era is the French Belle Epoque of the late 19th Century. It was also a golden age of high class courtesans, scandalous dancers and sensual actresses like La  Belle Otero, Liane de Pougy, Sarah Bernhardt, Cléo de Mérode, La Païva, La Castiglione and so on.

This is also in memory of my year abroad in Paris.


La Belle Epoque – Aged 20 – 2013

After a long, long time, I am finally posting this painting I did a while back before leaving home. This is honor of my year abroad in Paris. It depicts the Belle Epoque of Paris; a time of corsets, artists and rising industrialism.

La Belle Epoque, 2013

La Belle Epoque, 2013