The Wrath of Alexander – Deadly Sin #1

I always wanted to do a series of Deadly Sins but I was not sure how to paint them. Should I do an allegory? A pictorial drama? Then I found the solution. I love history and literature so I decided to look for all historical, mythological and literary characters whose lives fit with the Seven Deadly Christian Sins.

Deadly Sinner #1 : The Wrath of Alexander

Alexander the Great had a mighty temper. This scene could depict any of his many furious outbursts on his extraordinary journey from Greece to India. He slaughtered every man, woman and child in Tyre when the stubborn island city refused to submit to him. He punished a Gazan  governor by dragging him behind his chariot while the man was still alive. In a drunken fury he killed his own general, Cleitus the Black, when he dared challenge him. And so on. And so forth.


A Greek Theme

In the past months I have read a lot of Greek mythology, Alexander the Great biographies by Phillip Freeman and Robin Lane Fox and the Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. So I fueled up on Greek yogurt and feta cheese to produce these Hellenic themed acrylics on canvas. Special thanks to fellow artist Kathleen for your feedback!


The Death of Achilles, 2016 based on the sculpture Dying Achilles by Ernst Herter


Olive Oil, 2016


Figs, 2016


Human, 2016, watercolor (based on a sculpture by unknown artist at darkdecadence.tumblr)


 Angel Uriel , 2016 (based on dresses from Dolce & Gabbanna Fall 2014; this type of art is also present in Orthodox Christian Churches in the Balkans and Eastern Europe)

2014 – The Mediterranean

I saw the Mediterranean Sea for the first time on my trip to Marseille in the south of France. I found the sea very different from the greyish/greenish one I am used to seeing in my native Ghana. This sea is a solid, deep blue.

In this painting I depict buildings on the island of Santorini in Greece. The closest I have ever been to Greece is the Parc Asterix reconstruction of the place. It was there that I first noticed how the Greeks combined pure white with a touch of their Mediterranean blue to their architecture. Hopefully one day I will finally visit Greece.

This painting is done with painting knives to give it a smooth surface.

2014 - The Mediterranean

2014 – The Mediterranean

Below is a picture I took of the sea at Marseille.

The Mediterranean sea at Marseille

The Mediterranean sea at Marseille

Below is an image of classic Greek buildings at Parc Asterix.

Parc Asterix

Parc Asterix