Agápe/ἀγάπη: The love of God for man and of man for God – Wikipedia

After watching the choreography themes for Yuri!!! on Ice, I thought it would be interesting to use the Greek love theme to make another series after the more pessimistic Seven Deadly Sins.

This is based on several paintings about the revelation Joan of Arc received from God to go to war, hence the sword on the floor.


This is the In Regards to Love – Agape choreography from Yuri on Ice.

Theme Color: White

Nighttime in Provins – 2014

The first painting of 2014. I went to Provins this year and it is a UNESCO world heritage site. It still contains the original medieval fortifications, fortress, tower and cathedral where Joan of Arc came to pray.  Here I saw my first falconry show and medieval jousting tournament. By the time I walked back to the train station that evening, the modern part of town was wet and dark….like this.

Nighttime in Provins - 2014

Nighttime in Provins – 2014