The Ruins of Gaziantep – 2013 (aged 20)

In celebration of my blog’s one year anniversary, I decided to post this painting of the interior of the Gaziantep Mosaics Museum in the southeast of Turkey. This is based on a picture I took while I was there. I replaced the ceiling with the night sky. The museum collection consists of mosaics, pillars and walls excavated in ancient Zeugma (an old city within the Gaziantep Province). All the artifacts are Roman in design and nature.

The Ruins of Gaziantep, 2013

The Ruins of Gaziantep, 2013

Gaziantep is situated between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in classic Mesopotamia.

2012-Shetland Landscape-Aged 19

This painting is inspired from a picture in a Shetland Islands brochure.

Done with painting knives.

Shetland Landscape, 2012


  • I’ve realized that the paintings I like least tend to be the favorites of others.
  • I watch movies and listen to songs while I paint.
  • I don’t like tomatoes.

2010-Bring in the men!-Aged 17

This is the year I began to paint men.

Nude #1, 2010 (Based on a photograph by Wilhelm von Gloeden)

I was honored by my SEED co-editor when she put this on the cover of the magazine.

Nude #2, 2010 (Based on a photograph by Wilhelm von Gloeden)

Tom Ford, 2010

…and the god of fashion himself.


This is the year I performed as Maria in the school version of  “The Sound of Music” at the National Theater in Ghana.

Newspaper article on our show.

And this year I had my fourth art exhibition at the Hershel Gallery.

Me and my parents