Iago’s Envy – Deadly Sin #4

Deadly Sinner #4 : Iago

In Shakespeare’s play Othello, Iago hated the Moor. Out of hatred, envy and spite he conspired against his master Othello leading to events that ended in tragedy.  Inspired also by the green light in The Great Gatsby, I made Iago look out of Venetian windows with jealousy.

Iago’s dialogue in the play is also the first time the term “green eyed monster” appeared as an expression in English. And green has been associated with jealousy ever since.

*Image based on a still from the 2004 film The Merchant of Venice


Fill the sky with stars – 2014

The second thing I painted this year. One of the most moving places I have been to in Paris was the Grand Mosque of Paris. It is designed in the style of Spanish Moorish mosques. For the time I was there I was completely transported to North Africa. Beautiful place.

My first painting on a circular medium.

Fill the sky with stars - 2014

Fill the sky with stars – 2014