The Song of Solomon

One of the many memorable moments in college for me was the last session of the Introduction to the Hebrew Bible by Prof. Cynthia Baker. Instead of class we had a picnic while we took turns reading the Song of Solomon. The picnic was appropriate due to the metaphors and similes in that refer to fruits, spices, gems and flowers.

The Song of Solomon is a duet between a love-struck man and woman who pine for each other and describe each other’s beauty poetically. This is one of two books in the Bible that does not mention God by name. The second is the Book of Esther.

I tried to translate all the metaphors and similes in the poem as a painting.




What Katie Davis has to say:

I love all the rich colors and I really like how the light reflects off of all the different elements of the painting. I also love the way you painted the smoke, kind of translucent and flowing. This is beautiful! I really like the person in this as well. Seems so sad… you portray emotion really well!

The Pomegranate – Aged 19

This year’s academic Short Term adventure has been in Turkey. We studied political identities and history in Istanbul, Mardin, Ufra and Gaziantep within a 15 days. So in honor of all the inspiration, I will continue to paint themes from the places I visited. My dream of visiting the Middle East has been fulfilled!

I decided to make a technical change this year: I have officially moved to acrylics. Why? 1. They are water-based paints (easy to clean)    2. Far less toxic than oil paints and their solvents 3. They dry faster and I can work on layers and details more

I was inspired to paint this pomegranate because we had pomegranate juice everywhere we went in Turkey. They are such beautiful fruits too; their seeds shine like rubies. The tile work and table surface are inspired from the interior of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

The Pomegranate, 2013

The Pomegranate, 2013

In Islam, pomegranates grow  in the gardens of paradise. They are also symbols of fertility.

For more info on my other Short Term adventure last year in Scotland here is the link:

Shout out to the crew

Turkey Short Term 2013

Turkey Short Term 2013

Shout out to our amazing professor: Senem Aslan

Prof. with her patience achievement award

Prof. with her patience achievement award