A Greek Theme

In the past months I have read a lot of Greek mythology, Alexander the Great biographies by Phillip Freeman and Robin Lane Fox and the Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. So I fueled up on Greek yogurt and feta cheese to produce these Hellenic themed acrylics on canvas. Special thanks to fellow artist Kathleen for your feedback!


The Death of Achilles, 2016 based on the sculpture Dying Achilles by Ernst Herter


Olive Oil, 2016


Figs, 2016


Human, 2016, watercolor (based on a sculpture by unknown artist at darkdecadence.tumblr)


 Angel Uriel , 2016 (based on dresses from Dolce & Gabbanna Fall 2014; this type of art is also present in Orthodox Christian Churches in the Balkans and Eastern Europe)

Memento Mori – 2013

The first thing I did when I got to Paris this September was to visit the Catacombs. The underground necropolis was designed in 1786 to deal with overpopulation in the unsanitary cemeteries. It is said that Marie Antoinette’s head is somewhere there while her body is interred at St Denis’ Basilica.

After two hours waiting in line and making new friends from Israel, New York and Texas in the process, I finally made it to the labyrinth that led to the bone collections. I automatically regretted going alone; it’s scarier than in the pictures.

Memento Mori is an expression from Latin that means “remember that you will die”.

Momento Mori, 2013

Memento Mori, 2013